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Active Alerts
Severe Weather Map
Live Alert List (text)
SPC (Storm Prediction Center)


U.S. Jetstream
Lifted index
CAPE index
SWEAT (Severe Weather) index

U.S. Temperature / Humidity Maps

U.S. Temperature Map
U.S. Humidity Map
U.S. Dewpoint Map
Wind Chill map

Forecast Models

GFS 0z
GFS 6z
GFS 12z
GFS 18z
NAM 0z
NAM 6z
NAM 12z
NAM 18z
Rapid Refresh (numerical model)

Global Temperature Data

GFS Raw Temperature Anomaly
Daily Earth temps from satellite data

Sea Ice

Sea ice reference page

Solar Data

Current solar data

Solar activity monitor

U.S. Water Data(Lake & Stream)

Waterdata (USGS)

Volcano Data

Active volcano status

Tropical / Hurricane

Atlantic Satellite Loop
NHC (National Hurricane Center)
GOES - North Atlantic Satellite
GOES - East Atlantic Satellite
Weather Underground Tropical
Atlantic wind shear forecast

RADAR / Satellite

RADAR: [U.S. National - Pan & Zoom]
RADAR: [U.S. Northeast]
RADAR: [U.S. Southeast]
RADAR: [U.S. South Central]
RADAR: [U.S. North Central]
RADAR: [U.S. Northwest]
RADAR: [U.S. Southwest]
SATELLITE: [U.S. infrared]
Surface Analysis

Lightning Strikes

Current lighting strike locations

Quake Sheet

Earthquake center

Air Quality

Air quality map
U.S. Allergy index

Fire Hazard

Fire danger map

Tornado Data

Annual Tornado Count...
Kid's Guide to Tornadoes...

Weather Blog

Live weather blogs

People in Weather/Science

Dr. Roy Spencer
Dr. Ryan Maue
Joe Bastardi
Anthony Watts
Tom Nelson
Bishop Hill

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National Snow Analysis
Ski Report

Wx Monitor

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Multivariate ENSO Index

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